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[New]: the solutions now contains a silverlight project which provides the equivalent turn page control for the silverlight technology (SL 2 RTM).

The WPFBookControl is an ItemsControl that brings the turning page experience to Windows Presentation Foundation. The control is

As provided previously on my blog (, here is a new version of the WPFBookControl.
Many people asked for some new features and my blog was really not the right place for that. Actually, adding new features to that control is not really part of my job today :p.
So here we are on a codeplex project, so those who want to contribute can add features here and users have a clean licence.

Since my previous release on my blog, here are the new features:
  • Animated "move to next/previous sheet" that animates the turning page by code so you don't need to turn the page manually.
  • DisplayMode (Normal/Zoom on page) allows you to focus on a current page instead of the whole book. Activating the "Zoom on page", you can call MoveToPreviousPage/MoveToNextPage that will animate the turning page while keeping the focus on the current page.

Some others links:
Sivlerlight version:

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WPF version:


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